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Skype March 15, Technology Leave a comment 70 Views. As a simple M. The slightly higher price and the theoretical performance of these drives place them into more of a middle ground in the wider SSD market. Kicking things off with Crystal DiskMark 6. It turned in the second-fastest read performance with only the more expensive Samsung SSD Pro edging it out by a negligible amount.

At the same time, however, it did well while transferring the program folder and its game folder transfer performance was essentially dead center average.

"mushkin pilot"

Its performance is roughly on par with many of the fastest PCI-E 3. This makes price the biggest deciding factor in which drive to buy, and this is where the Pilot-E holds an advantage. Credit: Getty Images Researchers from security firm Kaspersky are used to coming across advanced …. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Design As a simple M. Previous Ecosia To Join Chrome. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Those drives have been on the market for what seems like ages now so Mushkin is a little late to the party. It plays an upmarket role to the Helix-L we previously tested. Both drives use Silicon Motion, Inc. Even though Amazon and Newegg both carry the Pilot-E, Mushkin still doesn't have the series listed on the official website.

The company sent us a full specification sheet to get the fine details right, like endurance and random performance, not listed on some of the reseller pages.

mushkin pilot 1tb

The performance varies slightly between the three available capacities. This includes the other two popular SMEN drives that do not support this feature.

For most games, full disk encryption acceleration is not a top priority but for business users especially notebook users, this is an important, and in some cases, a critical feature. Prices differ quite a bit between Newegg and Amazon at the time of writing. Mushkin back the Pilot-E series with a 3-year warranty. Mushkin went conservative with the product packaging. The Pilot-E ships in a simple blister pack with some generic information about the drive.

The drive itself is close to the standard reference design we tested from Silicon Motion, Inc. Given how long the SMEN controller has been on the market, we won't see too many surprises today. We suspect the Mushkin Pilot-E uses a newer firmware compared to when we tested the SX Pro and EX since there are some subtle differences in performance here and there. The queue depth QD 2 performance is a little lower than some of the others due to a slightly slower ramp up.

The red line from the Pilot-E is barely visible on the line chart. The drives all overlap step-for-step across the queue depth range. In this test, we use a sustained KB write across the entire user area of the drive instead of measuring burst performance. The three SMEN controlled drives show very similar performance as you would expect. The drive scales well as we increase the workload. This performance should relate well to some of our real-world performance tests like gaming, and system responsiveness.

The difference between the three drives is within the margin of error, so we're not too concerned. At these speeds, a few IOPS doesn't matter much because the latency is already so low. The Mushkin drive shows higher peak performance at high queue depths but trails the others at low queue depths.Given that it is a budget-focused SSD, we weren't expecting it to break any records, but the Pilot-E beat more than a few pricier drives in some tests. Its 4K random read and write speeds were slightly slower than the competition, and its software options are nonexistent, but outside of those small gripes, this is a solid outing from Mushkin and shows that even the cheapest drives still have a chance to shine when given the right opportunity.

The Mushkin Pilot-E is an M.

Unboxing Mushkin Helix L – 500GB PCIe NVMe 1 3 – M 2 2280 Internal Solid State Drive SSD – Gen3 x4

Check out our SSD dejargonizer to decrypt that sentence, if you need to. We tested the middle capacity. Mushkin rates the drive in the 1TB version for peaks of 3,MBps on sequential reads and 3,MBps on writes, and the drive carries a three-year warranty. This isn't quite as long a plan as we like to see. Most drives at the 1TB tier generally come with a five-year guarantee. That's made up for, slightly, by its respectable durability rating of terabytes written TBW.

Mushkin has never been a company that includes elaborate software management tools with its drives. In this case, you don't get any, period. If you want to perform tasks like a secure erasure, or encrypt the drive, you'll need to scavenge up third-party tools to do so. PC Labs' current reigning king of the consumer M.

mushkin pilot 1tb

Note, however, that while this is technically the MSRP of the drive, prices for SSDs have been rising steadily since the cost crash of This is likely because the NAND chip makers are selling down excesses and inmemory modules will find a home in the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gaming consoles. So, does the drive live up to its own lofty expectations?

Let's dig into the benchmarks to find out. We tested the Mushkin drive against a host of tough M. First up: The general Storage benchmark run in PCMark 8's test suite, which simulates everyday disk accesses in tasks such as editing photos and web browsing Here the Mushkin Pilot-E trails the competition by what looks like a whisker's width. Given the consistency of this test almost all PCI Express 3.

mushkin pilot 1tb

For everyday productivity work, these drives are all close analogues. The Crystal DiskMark 6. Here in the sequential tests, the Pilot-E holds its own against some drives that are more expensive, including the Samsung SSD Pro The 4K read and write results were less decisive, with the Pilot-E performing equal to versus some on writes or under other drives on reads in its class This trio of tests involves copying large files or folders from one location on the test drive to anotherMake informed decisions with expert advice.

Learn More. Mushkin Pilot M.

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It will be a brand-new experience for DIYers. Don't settle for boring old storage and get your PC performance skyrocketed. No more performance hiccups even with heavy workloads and multi-tasks.

Mushkin Pilot-E M.2 NVMe SSD Review: Taking Flight

Enjoy seamless integration into any ultra-small computing device, such as ultrabook. It also delivers better reliability than 2D Flash.

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You can store seas of media files. It is shock resistant. With support for TRIM instructions, enjoy continuous and fast response. It's worth repeating that it's way cheaper than competing drives! See other notes for additional benchmarks off an H chipset, but the bottom line is that the drive benchmarks faster when using a desktop chipset - it's pretty close to competing products now.

Benchmarks may be stronger if this drive also wasn't being used as a boot drive. There's no manufacturer logo, and the part number doesn't yield any google results NS-A1Z. This isn't a huge deal for consumer drives, but it's slightly disappointing. While it's not as fast as competing drives using SMI's controller, it's still faster than most drives.

Also of note, the "Mushkin Pilot" sticker is just that - a sticker. Unlike the competing drive from Adata, it doesn't have a copper or aluminum layer to act as a small heatsink. The SSD benchmarked was also the boot drive so it's possible performance would improve if I benchmarked the drive when booting off a different drive not an option for me unfortunately Crystalmark 6.

The scores have improved when using an H chipset, to be pretty competitive with offerings from Adata, HP and Intel. Crystalmark 6. I'm increasing my score to 5 eggs! My computer runs smoother and faster than ever.Make informed decisions with expert advice.

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Learn More. Make the most out of your day with the Mushkin Pilot-E, a budge-friendly M. Install it into the M. Pilot-E SSDs can reliably operate in a wide range of temperatures and support shock resistance to protect your data in accidents. Overall Review: Just set the drive up after migrating my entire OS drive onto it.

Much improved over my regular SSD. Will update in the future if anything goes south. Bought 2 of these, one for myself and one for the wifes laptop. Both recognized in device manager and both formatted without issue. Also used this brand for an xbox external regular SSD, haven't had any issues. Solid purchase if you aren't a brand chaser. Overall Review: Lives up to the hype so far.

Stock M. After installing Windows 10 on another drive, I still couldn't get the Bios or Windows to recognize the drive. Eventually gave up and got a WD Black instead, with no issues. I then tried the Pilot-E in an M. Windows found the drive as not initialized. Tried initializing and got "The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error. Overall Review: To be fair, the Pilot-E was not on Gigabyte's compatible list, though it may not have been tested. In the past, I've had good experiences with Mushkin memory.

But, I just couldn't get the same result with this ssd. Pros: Was easy to install and had no problems setting it up as my windows boot drive. Speeds are amazing! Overall Review: It is a really fast drive and so far has really done the trick for my Photoshop editing.

This one seems to be doing the trick.Customer reviews. Capacity: 1TB Change. Write a review. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product.

Top positive review. Mushkin gives pretty good tech support. Reviewed in the United States on July 25, That's a fairly big difference. I'm hoping Mushkin has an updated firmware or something. The Ugly: To make matters worse, this product isn't even listed on the manufacturer's website. I've opened up a support ticket with the manufacturer to see how they'll respond, maybe they'll have an updated firmware. I'll report what happens here. Edit: I'm revising my review to 5-stars. Mushkin got back to me within a few hours of my creating a support case.

The person who responded was knowledgeable and assisted me troubleshooting the drive's slowness.Today, the Pilot-E gets thrown into the ring with some of the top mainstream SSDs out there, as well as a few value options. The Final Fantasy XIV StormBlood benchmark is a free real-world game benchmark that easily and accurately compares game load times without the inaccuracy of using a stopwatch. Thanks to this, the Mushkin Pilot-E is able to attain a fast total load time of This lands it 5 th place overall and ranks it much faster than most SSDs.

We use the DiskBench storage benchmarking tool to test file transfer performance with our own custom 50GB block of data. Our data set includes 31, files of various types, like pictures, PDFs, and videos. We copy the files to a new folder and then follow up with a reading test of a newly-written 6. Still, it is significantly faster than the Corsair Force MP and the entry-level competitors. Just as well, when reading back our 6. Overall, it ranks 6 th on these charts.

PCMark 8 is a trace-based benchmark that uses Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, World of Warcraftand Battlefield 3 to measure the performance of storage devices in real-world scenarios. With a score of 5, points and an average throughput of MBps, the Pilot-E scores 6 th place overall. Overall, the Pilot-E will provide more than ample performance for your average home and office applications.

Like PCMark 8, SPECworkstation 3 is a trace-based benchmark, but it is designed to push the system harder by measuring workstation performance in professional applications. With its ultra-low latency memory, nothing can touch it. With a final score of 3.

mushkin pilot 1tb

ATTO is a simple and free application that SSD vendors commonly use to assign sequential performance specifications to their products.

It also gives us insight into how the device handles different file sizes. Under sequential tests, the SSD averaged about 3. Official write specifications are only part of the performance picture. We use iometer to hammer the SSD with sequential writes for 15 minutes to measure both the size of the pSLC buffer and performance after the buffer is saturated. While both drives are neck and neck writing over GB of data within only a minute, after that, the SX Pro starts to leave the Pilot-E behind.

Overall, this write performance should not leave you disappointed for most day-to-day use. Idle power consumption is a very important aspect to consider, especially if you're looking for a new drive for your laptop. Some SSDs can consume watts of power at idle while better-suited ones sip just milliwatts. Average workload power consumption and max consumption are two other aspects of power consumption, but performance-per-watt is more important.

A drive might consume more power during any given workload, but accomplishing a task faster allows the drive to drop into an idle state faster, which ultimately saves power. Current page: 1TB Performance Results.


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